# By Stephen Baidu
class Me
  def about
    puts "Enjoys doing things that are mind challenging."


Software Engineer with keen interest in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Computational Neuroscience. As a Software Engineer, am aim to create systems with extreme intelligence. I also have aspirations in the field of Divinity, so I love my Bible.

Ok, enough talk

Since I believe in using the right tool for the right job, I have been a polyglot for sometime. Below are the languages I use and the purpose for which I use them.


I’ve been a happier person since I met the Ruby language. With frameworks like Rails, Sinatra, RSpec and tons of gems out there, I became a more productive developer in rolling out web applications.


This is the one language I can never run from. From UI/UX to NodeJS, JavaScript has always been favoured. Great mobile apps all with JavaScript mobile frameworks (RhoMobile, Phonegap, etc).


Ooh, SciPy and NumPy held me tight to Python. A good option for Sciencific Computing.


Currently strengthening myself for simulation-based applications. C/C++ will always be there. Trying my best to adhere to the Google C++ Style Guide

C#, PHP, & Java

Can’t believe I know this many languages. Am still fluent in these three and can roll out projects with ease. C# in particular was my favourite at a point. Hmmm, how tempting they keep becoming.

Octave & Matlab

I use this two for Machine Learning related stuff. I met Octave on Coursera when I was taking the Machine Learning course by Prof. Andrew Ng.