When They Are Gone

How we felt and how we are feeling now cannot change the fact that they are gone. Loosing our loved ones has always been painful but I take solace in the consoling words of Christ. They are in a better place and we will see them on that day.

Today marks my mum’s one year but I just can’t believe it’s been a year already. When I think about it and how it all happened, it always brings up one question; how prepared am I to meet my maker. Beloved in the Lord, let’s prepare for His coming and live every second of our lives for Him and Him alone. My mum spent her life working for the Lord. She made me into what I am today, and I hope to follow her legacy.

If you are reading this but not yet in Christ, pause and ask; why all this noise about Him. Well, if it is true (which we believe is), what will you do about it? You need no special abilities to ponder over this questions so just start pondering right away. Speak to Him and listen, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll hear. If you still do not agree with me, just pick up the gospel according to John and read it for fun. Keep asking, keep listening and you will understand.

Dedicated to my dear mum (aka Davi) of blessed memory.

God bless you for reading.